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Angels of Warwick

Angels of Warwick a family saga/murder mystery/romance.

The little stone angels in the cemetery knew what happened that night,
They weren’t talking…..nor was I.”
A dead man lies on a moonlit kitchen floor with an eight-inch butcher knife in his back. Two teenage girls stand over Darcy’s very dead, forty year old lover. What to do? Get mother! Meet Thomas Collins, the charming Vicar of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church who helps them dispose of the murdered William Finnegan. Why? Because he is bewitched by their beautiful mother!
The notorious dead man’s shocking identity is revealed after death and his stolen jewels will take on a precarious life of their very own!
So begins the many lies and cover-ups regarding the prestigious and colorful Lairn family. You will be enchanted with the beautiful Darcy, not since Scarlett has there been such a provocateur! Amidst the backdrop of a quaint little village and a wicked city filled with crime, you will meet quirky characters and devil may care hoodlums as they run whiskey on the Detroit River. This is a page turning drama crammed thick with deception and unpredictability. A haunting tale about the incredible secrets kept between two sisters for a lifetime.

*Angels of Warwick is based on family folklore spanning sixty years as Irish and Italian immigrants fall in love and carve out lives in the rough and tumble New World…America!


Palm Springs Nights

Mr. Wright, I do believe many women are looking for you.

A gorgeous devil-may-care gigolo finds himself wrapped up in a murder and cover-up in the movie colony of Palm Springs. How could a little fun end up like this? If only he could remember what happened that night.

Ramey Wright is a man of many talents, especially in the bedroom. Charming Ramey has a wonderful, dark little secret that keeps the girls flocking to him. He shares his powerful seductively woven spells with my readers and the many blushing participants wanting his head on a plate! It seems charming Ramey’s complicated and tumultuous life is filled with deceptions, jealousy, wild nights, and broken hearts. With the law relentlessly on his tail, he finds himself hiding out in a Catholic seminary feeling quite smug and safe; however, this may be the most dangerous place of all!


Anything For Helen

Helen Bell O’Brien is the beautiful, educated daughter of an English college professor and an enchanting young French actress. A chance meeting of the handsome, American, Charles Hudson propels her on a precarious journey to an unfathomable new life. She finds herself crossing the Atlantic on the ill-fated TITANIC. Helen survives but Charles does not. Overwhelmed with the cruel city of New York, Helen starts anew, but even an ocean away she is having trouble silencing the rattling skeletons in her cluttered closet. What happened seconds before the Titanic hit the iceberg is her story of revenge: hitting the iceberg saved her life! Now, her wicked tormentor hunts her. With no one to turn to and a story too strange to be believed, Helen lives in constant fear of discovery. This tale of incredible female bravery takes many twists and turns as it reveals Helen’s mysterious past and present! Hold on to your hat as the beguiling Helen whisks you off on a dark, fantastic adventure!